Top Dog Walking White Stone Pet Sitting Services

Is your White Stone furry friend looking tired, depressed and just laying around becoming part of the furniture? Have they lost the sparkle in their eyes and the wag in their tail? Regular exercise with a professional White Stone dog walker is vital to your dogs health and well being. With veterinary costs climbing the charts these days, getting your pooch regular daily exercise can save you $$$$$ in health care costs.

What is White Stone Dog walking?

The Walk Your Dog plan focuses purely on their walk. The goal is to come by and leash them up and start walking where as in normal visits there are many other chores to perform such as feeding, mail pick-up, pooper scooping, water & food bowls washed and/or house security checks that can consume almost half of a normal pet visit.

The Texas Doggie Day Care Alternative

When  you compare the hassels & extra fuel costs involved driving your dog to and from a conventional doggie day care on your way to and from work everyday, Power Pooch is easier on your wallet and your nerves when all you have to do is leave your pets Happy @ Home and just drive to work!

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Who"s the best candidate for Pet Sitting White Stone?

Actually anyone who has to work and can"t let their dog out during mid-day for a refreshing break and some exercise.

Walk Your Dog is Pure White Stone Dog Walking Pleasure

Walk Your Dog is designed to get your dog walking for the whole 30 minute visit when you are just too busy at work, play or whatever. We basically stop by leash your dog, walk them and make sure they have plenty of water when we leave.

The Dog Walking Secret Weapon

Your dog is in great shape and they love to run…we have just the thing to make your dog even happier than regular Walk Your Dog. Our Walk Your Dog Plus is a new and unique experience that surpasses all other means for getting your dog the best exercise ever invented! Our secret weapon is called the unicycle doggie jog! Yes, you have heard correctly, a “unicycle", that one wheeled weird looking thing you thought you only saw at the circus. Well now it has found a new purpose as the best dog walker device ever. It"s secret lies in its consistent speed that remains at a pace just perfect for doggie jogs.

Dog Walking Conditioning in White Stone Texas

Starting with casual walks daily is a great way to build up soft paws especially with dogs that have spent most of their lives in-doors and on soft carpets. As far as their cardio conditioning goes, dogs adapt quickly even dogs that haven"t been dog walking too often need only a week or so to catch up. Beginning with our regular Walk Your Dog Plan and progressing to Walk Your Dog Plus is a great conditioning plan even with lethargic dogs.

Dog Walking vs Expensive White Stone Veterinary fees

Another great benefit of the unicycle doggie jog is that thirty minutes with a unicycle is equal to the exercise benefits of a normal two hour dog walk! Now that"s great news when you consider today"s rising veterinary costs. Its just a plain and simple truth that healthy fit dogs require less visits to the veterinarian. Which of course doesn"t take rocket science to figure out that less visits to the vets means less visits to your wallet.  It"s a win win for you and your dog!   And whether you have one or two dogs our price remains the same! That"s right, we don"t charge extra for the second dog like so many others do.

Dog Walking/Visit

  • A 20-25 minute visit. Includes talk, walk, affection, feed, water and medicate if needed.
  • Journal entry and or text provided with each visit.
  • $25 per visit – $5 each additional pet
  • This is your kennel free and stress free alternative.  Dogs do better in their own environment, and your home is being “sitted” as well. Overnight visit in your home and daytime care. Includes morning, midday and evening walks, affection, and feedings.  This is based on a 24 hour time period.
  • Journal entry and or text provided with each visit.
  • $130 per night – $5 each additional pet

Cancellation Policy

  • Any service cancelled within the 24 hour scheduled period will be billed.

Weather or not

  • During severe weather, outdoor activities will be shortened and substituted with indoor playtime and extra belly rubs.  Should there be hazardous driving conditions, we may arrive a tad late in order to get there safely.  Don’t worry, we will wipe our paws before entering your home.
  • We do our best to arrive at your specified time, but please allow an hour on either side with traffic and unforseen events.