Dog Walking Locations Near Austin

What We Can Do For You

We provide a dog walking service that caters not only to your pet but also to you.
Our goal is to fulfill every request that you have for your dog and a few for yourself as well.

Hello, my name is Seth and I would like to tell you about Walk Your Dog Austin and myself. When I graduated from Tulane, I-along with many other graduates-came to Austin in hopes of landing a prosperous job. As I started the interview process, I realized that the jobs available to a college graduate were boring and lacked spice. At the time I was also in search of a caretaker for Ralph, my half Black Labrador, half Rottweiler. After weeks of searching, I was unable to find anything that suited my needs, and the caretakers I did find were completely unaffordable. I made some discoveries along the way though. First, I found that most “group walks" consisted of dogs being tied up in front of a building while the walker fetched animals from the surrounding block. In the end, an “hour walk" was actually a “twenty minute walk", and a “forty minute sit". Second, I found that the “qualified handlers" were sorely underpaid and had no real experience with dogs. Finally, there was no guarantee that Ralph would be walked at all, and for the money I planned to pay, I wanted some personal attention for my pup and me. I realized that Austin simply did not have what my pup and I needed, and the solution was clear.